Secret to the Baiao Feel – Romero Lubambo | 2 Minute Jazz

Romero Lubambo explains the rhythmic differences between baiao and bossa nova.
(guitar picking and strumming) Hello, Romero Lubambo here for 2 Minute Jazz. Talking a little bit about Baiao today. Baiao it’s not Bossanova, it’s not Samba, it’s a completely different type of pattern that we have to play the rhythm of Baiao.

(slow guitar strumming)

This would be the basic rhythm of Baiao (beatboxing) as opposed to Bossanova, which would be (guitar strumming). Baiao would be (guitar strumming)

So you if you keep this bridge beat going on the thumb, (guitar strumming) on those other fingers you can do different stuff, you know? I can invent a lot of things that has to do with this rhythm,(guitar strumming) but as long as you keep this…

Of course if you have a bass player you don’t need to do that, because he’s going to be doing probably that, and the drummer with the bass drum. But you have to adjust, you know, with the band. But if you have to play alone… (guitar strumming) Simple.

(guitar strumming)

This is another one. (guitar strumming)

Baiao is always something that is very (guitar strumming) you have a lot of dissonance on the chords and the sound. That’s why I can play (guitar strumming) I can play that and it works well with it. (guitar strumming) But if you get the rhythm there.

(guitar strumming)

Thank you very much! Bo-ash-ka Musica!

(drum jazz music)

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