New Hippner Parlor Brazilian/Engelmann at Dream Guitars

This one has a voice that is sweet but it will still punch. This is a really traditional Parlor design. I think that Darren’s being primarily a classical builder allows him to really make a great Parlor guitar. It is lightly built so the sound explodes out of it and it has a lot of charm. The Brazilian/Engelmann body makes for a warm, rich voice with strong fundamentals and just enough sustain. These Hippner parlors are articulate and clear yet have great punch. We offer these setup with extra lights or silk and steel so you have your choice between very traditional and warm or modern and brilliant. These guitars will capture your heart, they are fun and joyful. – http://www.dreamguitars.com/products/hippner/hippner_parlor_543/hippner_parlor_543.php


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