My best tips to improve your Real Estate Photography Beginner Tutorial

Download the files to follow along this tutorial here: https://www.photoserge.com/p/my-best-tips-to-improve-your-real-estate-photography

1. use a DSLR: Gear, Nikon or Canon entry DSLR Kit’s see my suggestion here: https://www.photoserge.com/p/my-gear?yid=youtube
2. Tripod Lightweight
3. Setting Aperture: F7,1, 100 iso, Shutter speed to have a slightly dark photo and use a 2-second timer so that don’t touch the camera while the photo is taken.
4. Camera absolutely level
5. No element too close to the photo
6. Police the border, make sure nothing is sort of half in and out around your photo
7. Use a raw developer like Lightroom or Luminar to get the best out of your raw files


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