Midwood Shootout! | Bourgeois OMDB vs Large Soundhole OM | Midwood Guitar Studio

Robinson compares our Bourgeois OM-DB Signature with a Large Soundhole OM. The OM-DB features Madagascar Rosewood, as the Large Soundhole OM has Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and an enlarged soundhole. Let us know what you think!

You can find our complete selection of Bourgeois guitars here: https://bit.ly/2IHmP7s

We used a Miktek CV3 at about 1 foot away and slightly below but pointed at the place where the neck meets the body, as well as a Miktek CV4 at Robinson’s ear height pointed down toward the bridge. Both mics were patched through Phoenix DRS-1R mic preamps and then on to our Universal Audio Apollo 16 mk2. There was absolutely no eq, compression, reverb or other processing used in these guitar recordings.

All the pro audio gear used in this video can be purchased on our website at:


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