Left Handed guitar lesson, how to play Em7. E minor 7 guitar chord

Left Handed Guitar Lesson
How to play the Em7 chord ( ‘E’ minor seventh chord) and resolve issues with the Em7′ guitar chord.

This is a very clear, simple explanation of how to play the Em7 chord on the guitar or as it is also known the ‘D’ minor seven chord. I have uploaded most of the important beginners chords one by one, I have done the majors, minors, sevenths and now I have uploaded the minor 7th chords. I will now move on to other important and more advanced guitar lessons so please subscribe.

If you are looking for a particular chord or chords, I have arranged all my chord videos into an easy to search page so you can find the chord you need quickly and easily so please visit the following tablet and mobile device friendly site.

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