How to play a D note on bass guitar

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Step 1: Locating the D Note
There are three different methods for locating any note in different positions on the strings and fret of your bass guitar. This can be helpful if you have trouble reaching specific D notes and wish to make playing it a little easier for yourself.

To start the first method, you find the D note you are working with and from that position, move up to the next thinnest string and move five frets toward your tuning pegs. That last position will have you at the D note from another position.

The second method is on your fifth frets. The D note on your A string at the fifth fret is the same pitch as your open D string.

Lastly, if you are starting from the D note on the G string, then you will have to reserve the first method to make it work. You can go down one to a thicker string and move five frets toward the body of the bass guitar.

Additionally, you can use two methods to find more D notes. For example, go to the D note on your A string and use the last two methods to find two other notes with the same pitch.6
Step 2: Practicing the D Note
Although many people do not like the thought of practicing at something, it is really the only way to ensure you will learn the D note and its different positions and quality on tone on the bass guitar.

If you have a strong desire to be a talented bass player, then you need to dedicate yourself to practice. Occasional or random practice will not garner talent. You want to know the bass well enough to ween yourself from books and charts. Most dedicated bass players set up a practice schedule to follow that marks certain times and days they are able to practice uninterrupted.7
Step 3: Memorizing the D Note
One of the most effective ways to memorize the D note is to practice it. Besides that, visual tools, like fret diagrams, can be very useful as you try to picture where to place your fingers.

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