GUITAR LESSON on Girl From Ipanema ( Garota De Ipanema ). Note for note explanation. Easy chord melody. Tabs + Playback!

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I’m not sure A.C.Jobim knew how big of a hit and later a standard his Bossa Nova tune Girl From Ipanema – Garota De Ipanema in portugese – would become. Today it’s the best known Latin tune in history.
So many people kept asking me how to play Girl From Ipanema on guitar as a chord melody arrangement. Since many jazz beginners asked me that question I decided to make my chord melody arrangement as easy as possible without making it sound bland or boring.

The ongoing rhythm is always a challenge with Bossa chord melody arrangements.I kept the comping to a bare minimum, so everybody with a little jazz chords repertoire should be able to follow my Girl from Ipanema guitar tutorial.

The B section of Girl From Ipanema provides us with many great jazz guitar chords, that can be used over so many other jazz tunes as well. Oh and by the way, I kept the Girl From Ipanema guitar chords in F. So we’re in the original key here, not changing anything.

In this guitar lesson I explain everything note for note. I’ll show you why I’ve chosen certain chords, give you tips and tricks on the fretting and how to make things easier for you.

I made a nice Girl From Ipanema chord melody tab, which you can download from one of the above links. I also created several backig tracks (playalongs) for Garota De Ipanema in different tempos.

I hope you really dig my Girl From Ipanema chord melody guitar lesson. If you do so, please give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and share teh knowledge!

Garota De Ipanema guitar tutorial is for my brazilian friends also, since you can still see everything I do, even without understanding english.

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