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Classical guitar from Brazil – Ulisses Rocha plays Habana Vieja

Ulisses Rocha – classic guitar performer and composer in a live solo concert – Brasilia 2009. Other compositions and scores on –


Guitars Unlimited – Quiet Nights And Brazilian Guitars (Full Album) 1966

The Best Way To Describe This Number Is, Brazilian Guitars Soft Porn Shot In An Elevator. For Educational Purposes Only. 01) The Girl From Ipanema 02) Manha De Carnival...


Marco Pereira — Flor das Aguas (Brazilian guitar)

Live recording of Brazilian guitarist Marco Pereira playing his composition titled “Flor das Aguas” in 1989. Visit my Brazilian & classical guitar...


Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

Fernando Miyata – Brazilian guitarist Live version – New Channel –


Chico Pinheiro – Brazilian Rhythms for Guitar

Full Video at Description: In this “Brazilian Rhythms for Guitar”...


Tips for practicing guitar – Brazilian guitar lessons

If you want to learn more about Brazilian Music and Brazilian guitar style, please visit source


Yamandu Costa in Concert

Recorded live in Boulder, Colorado on April 15th, 2016. Sponsored by the Boulder Guitar Society. Considered one of the greatest talents of Brazilian guitar, Yamandú...

simple guitar tuning

simple guitar tuning

Guitar Lessons simple guitar tuning, nylon string, standard tuning EADGBE

Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE

Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE

2,000,000 views! Seriously guys, buy a tuner

TMT #3: How to Tune Your Guitar

TMT #3: How to Tune Your Guitar

this was requested like crazy, so i really hope that it helps! i know for those of you who are already pretty familiar with your guitar, some of the things i talk about...