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8 Tips For How To Use Guitar Scales – Lead Guitar Lesson

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Lead Guitar Lesson – Arpeggios, Scales and Transposition – Advanced Soloing Made Easy

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How to Practice Scales

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Jazz Guitar Scales – One Melodic Minor Scale Shape Every Guitarist Should Know

Learn how to play the melodic minor scale and shapes on guitar. Cick the following link for tab and notation for this lesson:...


Guitar Practice: How to practice guitar scales effectively

I give you a guitar practice schedule on practicing scales horizontally and vertically. You`ll be able to move your scales across the fretboard within 8 weeks. Allthough...


Guitar Solo Tips – Which Scale to Use Over Which Chords

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How To Play – G Natural Minor Scale – Guitar Lesson For Beginners

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F Major guitar scale – learn to play, guitar lesson

FINGERINGS HERE! Here are the 5 basic fingerings. The dots indicate the frets to press. The number indicates the...


How To Use Scales For Improvising On The Guitar

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Guitar Soloing Lessons – How to Get Out of The Pentatonic Scale Rut

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