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Rockschool Grade 1 Guitar Scales and Technical Exercises A lesson demonstrating the scales and technical excersises for...


Guitar Lesson: How to Learn Lead Parts in Songs Using Scales

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Learn Bass Guitar – Scales & Chord Tones – part 2

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How to Play Slow Blues on Guitar – Scales, Licks and Chord Progressions

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Guitar Scales Lesson – The 5 Positions of the Major Pentatonic Scale click “like” on facebook source


Pentatonic Scales Guitar Lesson + TABs – Beginner Pentatonic Scales

Printable TAB Book – Learn the 5 pentatonic scales on guitar, TAB and diagrams...


ABRSM classical Guitar Scales and Arpeggios Grade 1 to 5

Grade 1 at 0 : 09 Scale : G major, F major, A minor harmonic, E minor harmonic Arpeggio : G major, E minor. Grade 2 at 01 : 32 Scale : D major, A minor melodic, D minor,...


Guitar Scales – Shapes VS Theory!

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Guitar Scales and Chords App

Learn Scales and Chords with this Guitar App. Learn Scales (as a reference) Scales Game (test your knowledge of scales) Jam (record riffs and play to backing tracks)...


“A” major pentatonic run – easy electric guitar lesson

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