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Quarter, Half, Dotted Half, and Whole Notes – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson – Munson Summer

LEARN 98 Songs in 15 Minutes: Live music from Munson Music in Newberry, South Carolina USA LEARN 98 Songs with 4 Chords in 15...


Memorize Guitar Notes – Alphabetical Order

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Learning Guitar Notes on the Fretboard (Part 3)

Here’s a great lesson on how to navigate the fretboard without having to memorize each note on the fretboard. This is part 3 in this 4 part series. If you need...


Guitar Solos: Unison Approach Notes

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Beginner Guitar Lessons: Tuning, Strings & Notes : G String Guitar Notes

Learn how to play G string guitar notes in this video music lesson, with beginner playing tips. Expert: Casey Cormier Bio: Casey Cormier has been playing both the guitar...


Memorize Guitar Notes – Open Strings

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Triads! Easy 3 note Jazz Chords – Must know Jazz Guitar Chords

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Memorize the notes on the guitar in 10 minutes

With this method you will be able to easily remember the notes on the fretboard. Remembering the technique takes just a few minutes and using this technique you can...


Guitar Tab & Notes – Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake – Easy Guitar Cover

Guitar Tab & Notes – Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake – Easy Guitar Cover- Lesson- How to Play source


How to Find Notes on Guitar and Piano – (Matt McCoy)

This video explains how you can know which specific note you are playing on the guitar or piano. This is an important step to improving your overall playing of the...