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Dotted 8th Note + 16th Note Guitar Strumming Introduction – Only on Beats 2 & 4

This was given to a guitar student to introduce the idea of strumming a dotted 8th note followed by a 16th note. Beats 1 and 3 have consistent 16th notes being strummed...


How To Find Notes on Neck (Beginning Guitar)

Learn an easy method for knowing where all the notes are on the guitar neck! Find the companion PDF file in the PDFs section of Please...


How to Play Notes on the 6th String | Heavy Metal Guitar

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E Flat Standard Tuning Guitar Notes – Guitar Tuner Half Step Down

Support me on Patreon: From E standard tuning we can lower each string down one half step/semitone to flatten each of the notes. We...


Guitar Notes For Beginners – Music Reading On Guitar – The Language of Music (part 2- Pitch) For more fun and easy ways to learn guitar notes for beginners. Adult Guitar Lessons – learn guitar fast and...


Death Note OST – L’s Theme Guitar Tutorial

L’s Theme Guitar Tutorial – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –...


Banana Pancakes Guitar Chords – Jack Johnson Guitar Lesson (Note For Note Version!)

Get my powerful (and free) beginner guitar course here: – Here’s the Banana Pancakes Guitar Chords – a Jack...


Guitar Pro Tutorial – Staff Notation VS Tab for Note Input

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Acoustic Guitar Notes Tutorial – Korobeiniki – Theme A – Tetris (Sheet music – Guitar chords)

Play Along – Acoustic guitar backing track – Game music. ▶ Free Sheet Music Download: ▶ Guitar Songs Tutorial:...


Tips for Playing Single Note Melodies on Guitar For Dummies

Pick up some guitar tips and tricks about how to play single note melodies with this play along video. source