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Final Fantasy XV: Main Title Theme (Somnus) – Classical Guitar Cover

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Hang-That-Twang | Custom Classic Guitar Hanger – Instructional Video

Hang-That-Twang | Custom Classic Guitar Hanger source


Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel (Solo classic guitar)

Tema de Simon & Garfunkel que da título a su álbum homónimo del año 1970. Fue compuesto por Paul Simon aunque sea Art Garfunkel quien la canta al completo. Es...


A Touch of love- By Per-Olov Kindgren (Classic Guitar)

-One of my Favorite pieces by Per-Olov Kindgren “A Touch of Love” source


Classical Guitar by Stuart Davis

Instrumental classical guitar piece written and performed by Stuart Davis for Stella, the purple-haired Siren beside him. source


Classical guitar speed bursts Practice this exercise using a metronome, set to a tempo you are comfortable with but that will also test your limit. On the...


The Wolven Storm – Priscilla’s Song – Classic Guitar Cover – YukiGibson

Arrangement for classic guitar (both melody and harmony) of The Wolven Storm from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red. The first time I heard this song ingame, I...


Tips On How To Play The Classical Guitar : Classical Guitar Lessons Review

Learn about the classical guitar and some of the things that make it different from traditional acoustic guitar in this free video clip on how to play the classical...


Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons on DVD with Lily Afshar. Get tab here source


Chopin Waltz Op.69 no 2 played by Thu Le, Classical Guitar

Chopin Waltz Op 69 no 2 Arranged by Roland Dyens Classical guitarist Thu Le Luthier Gabrielle Lodi source