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“Suck a Dick” – Classic Guitar Cover

Sub for more anti-depression medication. source


Alone – Naruto (Classical Guitar Cover)

Alone was originally composed by Toshio Masuda for the Anime series “Naruto” Arranged by me Tabs and sheet music on Patreon: Subscribe...


Manuel Rodriguez Spanish Guitar Buying Tips (Flamenco Guitar versus Classical Guitar)

Manuel Rodriguez talks about the differences between a flamenco guitar and a classical guitar. You can find more at source


Russian Romance – By Alex Chudnovsky (Classic Guitar)

“Russian Romance” by Alex Chudnovsky source


Howl’s Moving Castle (Classic guitar short cover)

1000 views and i’ll upload the full version source


Julia Florida – Barrios – Classical Guitar – Michael Chapdelaine

Julia Florida – Agustin Barrios Mangoré – Classical Guitar – Michael Chapdelaine Get the TAB or music notation at:...


‘Saudade’ by Rick Graham – Classical Guitar Solo

Here’s a new piece I wrote. The transcription is available from my website. Click below: ➢➢➢ Download my HD guitar lessons here:...


Verano Porteno a Tango by Astor Piazzolla- classical guitar

Michael Lucarelli performs Astor Piazzolla’s Verano Porteno on classical guitar CD “Inspiracao” available at: Thanks...


Oh, Holy Night (Classical guitar) – Per-Olov Kindgren

“O Holy Night” (French: Cantique de Noël) (Sheet music and TABs are available here: is a...


Super Mario Sound Classic Guitar

Super Mario Sound Classic Guitar Renato Caruso non dimenticare di cliccare il pollice in su, lasciare un commento, iscriverti al mio canale...