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Building the Motorhead/LEMMY Bass Guitar – Cynosure Guitars

Cynosure Guitars were commissioned to build two commemorative bass guitars to honour the life and legacy of Motorheads frontman and unstoppable force, Ian...


Bass Guitar : How to Play the Acoustic Bass

The acoustic bass is a cross between an electric bass and an acoustic guitar, held and played like an electric bass though it produces sound the same way as an acoustic...


Ibanez ATK200 TP Bass Guitar Review

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The Bass Guitar Practice Tips – “Practicing With Purpose”

Dave DeMarco illustrating the concept of “Practicing With Purpose”. This is applicable to all musicians, not just bassists. Dave is available for in person...


Cryptopsy – Mutant Christ on bass guitar

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SOLO PRACTICE TIPS FOR BASS GUITAR! | 251 Progression cont’d ~ Daric Bennett’s Bass Lessons

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Ear Training For Bass Guitar – Intervals

This lesson is taken from the upcoming Ear Training For Bass Guitar course over at The course takes you through the basics of getting started with...


Fender Modern Player Starcaster Bass Guitar Review

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I Don’t Record Bass Guitar Amps Anymore

That’s right. Find out why in this video. Ampeg SVX – TSE BOD –


Walking Jazz Standards #1: “Autumn Leaves” – Bass Guitar Lesson

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