Depeche Mode – Heaven cover how to play on guitar lesson

Depeche Mode – Heaven cover how to play on guitar lesson source


What is the “Half Step Rule” When Playing Guitar Scales? Nonchord tones serve a specific function in guitar solos. This lesson explains how to identify nonchord tones in some common guitar scales by...


Guitar Sliding – The Technique of Sliding From One Note To Another – This lesson covers Guitar Sliding. This technique is basically a movement when you pluck one note and then you slide down the same...


4 Songs Guitar Mashup

I put 4 songs in one. Can you name them all? 😛 Picked up the guitar after not playing it for two years, you can probably tell haha IG: asyapritchard...


Brigitte Pro Tips – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced w/ Fahzix

Fahzix from the NRG Contenders Squad has a list of beginner, intermediate, and advanced tips for Brigitte players of all ages and skill levels! Follow Fahzix:...


PRS Private Stock Brazilian Custom 22 #4222 Electric Guitar Demo – Sweetwater Sound

Get the PRS Private Stock Brazilian #4222 at Sweetwater here: Paul Reed Smith himself demonstrates the PRS Private Stock...


Todd Johnson Bass Guitar : Floating thumb technique

Here’s a clip from my “Technique Builders” DVD explaining the “floating thumb technique”. source


Classical Guitar Music Theory – Francisco Tarrega’s Study in e minor Analysis Using COLOR

In this awesome colorful music theory lesson, we will be taking apart Francisco Tarrega’s classical guitar cornerstone: the Study in e minor. This is a lovely...


Funky Soul Jazz Guitar Backing Track | C# Minor

Jam Track for Guitar or other Instruments Tracks available for download: $15.00 for entire album of $0.50 per song Playlists:...


“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen – Electric Guitar