1944 Martin D-28 Vintage Herringbone Brazilian/Adirondack at Dream Guitars

This old guitar has really been played. I’d love to hear some of its stories. The neck and top are in good shape even though there is a lot of wear. It’s a great playing guitar and since it’s not in perfect condition it can be had for a lot less than the typical $45K to $50K price. One strum and you’ll fall in love with this one, we sure did. This is the definitive dread tone everyone is after. This one has some miles on it and is priced accordingly, but it’s in perfect playing shape and needs nothing at this time. What a pleasure to offer you this vintage 1944 Martin D-28 Herringbone with Scalloped bracing. – http://www.dreamguitars.com/products/martin/martin_d-28_herringbone_89021/martin_d-28_herringbone_89021.php


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